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Budding Bookworms

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Budding Bookworms gives young children a novel way to learn while having fun! Our once-a-week drop-off program offers separate classes for preschoolers through kindergartners. Classes meet for 90 minutes and range in size from six to 12 children. To help parents and caregivers reinforce what children learn, we provide a lesson summary after every session. A typical session includes:
  • Welcome activity. From floor puzzles to letter stamps to mathematical brainteasers - these warm-up activities get children's creative juices flowing, while introducing the lesson theme.
  • Brainstorming exercises. Teachers ask probing questions, encouraging children to share their ideas about the lesson.
  • Story time. Selected books are read to illustrate the lesson theme.
  • Thematic activity. Children participate in a hands-on activity that helps them make a personal connection to the lesson. For example, in our Soapy Science unit, children talk about health and ways to avoid getting sick, like washing their hands before meals. Children make soap to help them stick to their healthy habits at home.
  • Snack time. Children prepare a snack that relates to the theme.
  • Structured game time. Language and math games, puzzles, Scrabble pieces and alphabet magnets are just some of the ways we challenge children to make learning fun!
  • Independent time. Time permitting, children engage in independent reading or game-playing with our expansive selection of books and materials.