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Budding Bookworms

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It could be here, it could be there
It could be almost anywhere!
Birthday parties, both big and small
We specialize in creating them all.
You and your child can pick a theme
And we'll help fulfill your birthday dreams.
From cooking and science to nature and art
Don't wait another minute the planning is about to start.
So pick up the phone and request your date
Time is running out - Don't be late!

Popular Themes:
  • Dinosaurs, Bugs or Treasure Stones
  • Music, Movement and Drama
  • Soap or Candle Making
  • Balloon Blast, Tub Crayons or Colossal Colors
  • Asian, Italian or Polynesian Fare

  • Let us help make your child's birthday party special!
    Please call (508) 651-3655 or email buddingbookworms@comcast.net.