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Budding Bookworms

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Spend a week during the lazy, hazy days of summer with our energetic staff. From drama to sports to nature, we have exciting programs that capture every child's imagination. Each session will run for one week - Monday through Friday. A maximum of 12 children will be enrolled per session. To register for summer camp, please go to the Contact Us page. Cost per session is $250.

Budding Stars
Join our drama expert on an exciting journey through music, movement and drama. We spark children's imaginations by exposing them to various types of music, rhythm and motion. At the end of the week, kids show off their new talents in a special performance!

Nature Explorers
Children explore the wonder of nature and the great outdoors, from shadows to insects and more! During the week, children discover the many amazing things found right in our own backyards! We get down and dirty by investigating plants, trees, animals and all kinds of little critters.

Budding Athletes
During our week of mini camp, children learn about a different sport each day. We read non-fiction books, learn the rules, practice good sportsmanship, and of course, everyone has a chance to play the sport of the day! We wrap-up the week with Olympic games.

Classic Bookworms
This program combines all the classic Budding Bookworms specialties, providing children opportunities to explore with art, science, and cooking. Each day revolves around a different theme like Construction 101, Oh So Sandy and Chalk It Up! Children dive right in and mix things up with puffy paint, clay and tie dye.

Session Program Time
June 18-22 Classic Bookworms 9:30-12:00
July 16-20 Budding Athletes 9:30-12:00
August 6-10 Nature Explorers 9:30-12:00
August 13-17 Budding Stars 9:30-12:00

Bookworms In-Training
If your child turned 3 between October and June of this year, sign up for Bookworms In-Training - designed specifically to give "new" 3 year olds the opportunity to preview the Budding Bookworms experience. We provide a comfortable setting where your child will feel safe to explore, learn and have a great time! Children will sample the broad range of Budding Bookworms' programs from science and nature to cooking, drama and art.